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We began working out of a garage before expanding into our current shop. The name came from our first customer’s bike that was sprayed with bullets in a DC drive-by right before he was going on a trip. We managed to make all the repairs in a day and

get him ready for his trip that week. We put our customers first and take pride in our work only installing and working with quality parts sourced from the best distributors in the business as well as being an OEM parts dealer for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, BMW, and Triumph! It does not matter what street bike you ride we service everything! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Finding your next bike on your own can be tough. That’s why AK Custom Cycles is here to help you find the perfect motorcycle. We are the best, pre-owned, motorcycle dealers in Montgomery, and we wear that badge with pride!

Along with dealing in used motorcycles, we also offer services like accessory installations, towing, tire changes, and routine maintenance for motorcycles from any brand. What more could you possibly want? Give us a call and schedule a visit today!

AK Custom Cycles is where you can find your dream motorcycle. Bikes in our shop are beautiful, luxurious, and above all, very well maintained. We select our bikes after detailed inspections and don’t compromise on anything. We only list what we’re genuinely satisfied with. Our core target is to maintain quality and standards, and that is what we’re best at. Our high standards of quality assurance make us stand out in the industry. We make sure that you get the best possible motorcycle at a reasonable price.

Purchasing a second-hand motorcycle is a fairly major and scary decision. However, you can trust us to give you the best you can get. We have a history of serving our customers and making sure they find the perfect motorcycle for them.

What We Do

MD State Inspection

We offer friendly motorcycle state inspections at a reasonable price to keep you safe on the road.


Affordable, convenient storage and discounted pickup

Pre-Owned Sales

Sometimes it can be tough to find that perfect bike, let us help. We go to dealer specific auctions all over the east coast and come across thousands of bikes. Tell us what you are searching for and we will keep an eye out on our next trip.


We provide all kinds of service to your bike including routine maintenance, accessory installations, tire changes and towing.


It never hurts to shop your rate! Let our licensed agent assist you in protecting your baby.


Apply for financing now! No credit + bad credit accepted! We accept all types of payments including PayPal + credit cards! Ask for details.


In Montgomery, a motorcycle shop that offers high quality products, outstanding services, and very reasonable prices is extremely hard to find. That’s precisely what makes us the best resource for motorcycles in the region though.

We specialize in used motorcycles and their maintenance, with a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience and knowledge of motorcycles from various brands.

AK Custom Cycles is the most reliable resource for your next bike purchase. Whether you want to trade in your old motorcycle for a new one, or have your old ride fixed up, get in touch with us and schedule a visit. We won’t disappoint!

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