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Give this some thought…What if our energy was free? What if the average utility payment of $200 per month was gone?…Gone for good?…What if we produced our own energy, rather than purchasing it from a centralized source? And more importantly, what if we were able to decentralize from the power grid, and generate distributed power to share with our friends and neighbors? What if I told you that all of this and more…much more…was possible? Well it is and there will be a steady progression for the US in the next ten years to completely overhaul our energy infrastructure, create jobs, decrease carbon, and other greenhouse gas emissions; all while creating more equality for societies and communities throughout the entire world. The simple answer is Renewable Energy. The renewable technologies that exist today have finally become efficient and feasible enough to power entire countries, states, cities, and homes all over the world. With the acceleration of these technologies, we have seen a dramatic decline in the overall price tag, such that it is now affordable for homeowners to own their own power. Although this ownership comes at an investment price and an ROI anywhere from 7 to 15 years, homeowners and commercial business owners are finding that the benefits far outweigh the risk. Solar energy in particular has made dramatic leaps in its efficiencies over the past two decades and homeowners are now able to payoff their electricity bills at the same monthly cost as their current utility bill. These significant financial benefits, as well as the obvious positive environmental effects, are allowing homeowners and business owners alike, the confidence necessary to make the decision to move forward on a relatively new technology to the residential and commercial sector. Again, renewable energies, including Solar Farms, Wind Farms, and residential and commercial rooftop solar WILL be the future, it’s now up to YOU to decide, not IF…but WHEN you will adopt this new technology? The world is changing, and our job here at DYNO is to provide you with the insight and knowledge necessary too make the best decisions possible, for yourself, your family, your community, and your planet!

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